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Together, we will enhance your student's learning process and your company's productivity using Artificial Intelligence.

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Empower your students' learning with AI.

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Make your team more productive with AI assistance.
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Who are our perfect partners?

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Primary and High Schools

Provide the teaching team with an authoring tool to create learning content and resources quickly and easily. Use the material straight away in your LMS, print it for its use in the classroom, or let your students learn by using the chat.
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Provide your teachers with a tool to create learning resources for use in the classroom or in your LMS. Help your students learn faster and more efficiently.
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Multiply your team's content production by x10 with AI-powered content generation tools.
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Provide your corporate training team with a tool so they can create content quickly and easily. And give your employees the tools to be self-sufficient in their constant learning.

Create content with AI

Authoring tool with Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered authoring tool. Assist the content creation process to speed up your team:

- Generate text from ideas
- Summarize text
- Extract main ideas
- Simplify concepts
- Create outlines from text

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Learning resources with AI

Create learning resources with one click to memorize and assess

You can automatically create different types of activities from content:

- Multiple-choice questions
- Short answer questions
- Flashcards
- True/False
- Fill in the blanks
- Match concepts

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Personalized learning

Simulate the experience of a private tutor for your students

Provide your students with a private tutor through a chat:

- Doubt resolution
- Study support and review
- Available 24/7
- Intelligent and automated

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Bloques planificados de estudios y repasos.

Personalized learning paths

Customize the learning path for each student

Create a learning path for each student based on their knowledge and study statistics.

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AI integration by API

Integrate Koanly into your applications

We provide an API so you can have Artificial Intelligence in your LMS or other applications:

- LMS: Moodle, OpenLMS...
- Authoring tools
- Web
- We integrate Koanly wherever you need it

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Who uses AI to enhance education?

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Ebook (Spanish)

The ebook for implementing AI in various educational models

Discover how to apply Generative Artificial Intelligence in your educational model.

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¿Es posible aplicar Inteligencia Artificial Generativa en cualquier modelo educativo?

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