Jun 18, 2024

How we helped Fresh People apply Artificial Intelligence to their products

Elena Cebadera
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In today's competitive world, innovation is key for any technology company. Fresh People, a leading company in the field of digital products for Human Resources, decided to take its technology to the next level by implementing customized artificial intelligence in its Talent Booster product. This is where Koanly, the partner he chose to apply Artificial Intelligence, comes into play, carrying out a successful project that not only improved Fresh People's products, but also empowered his team to face future technological challenges.

What were the Objectives of the Project?

Fresh People was looking for a partner with which to be able to apply improvements with Artificial Intelligence in a very agile way to its technological products and at the same time train and train its internal team to be able to continue tackling projects of this type in the future. That is why we jointly propose a project in which we combine the two objectives and in which we can:

  • Implement artificial intelligence in an agile way to improve your technology and customer satisfaction.
  • Train the technical and product team to be able to address similar challenges autonomously.

Project Methodology

With clear objectives, we jointly defined a very clear, rigorous and structured methodology to ensure the success of the project in the 4 months it would last. Below we detail the methodology followed.

1. Identifying Objectives

The two teams work together to identify the specific needs and objectives of the project, aligning the company's vision with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. This included conceptualization with a completely multidisciplinary team, involving both the technical people who had to implement the solution, as well as people who were experts in the human resources sector and specifically in talent development.

Thanks to this approach, we were able to have a clear objective of the project and to be able to prioritize what would bring the most value to the end customer and to Fresh People's value proposition.

2. Solution Ideation

Once we had identified the objective of the project, which consisted of:

  • What we want to improve in the product.
  • Why do we want to improve
  • What value it will bring to the users of the product.

It was time to devise the solutions and define each of the use cases in which we were going to apply Artificial Intelligence to improve their product. In each use case we define:

  • Data that artificial intelligence must work with.
  • First version of prompt to work with.
  • Example data to be able to start iterating the solution.
  • Wireframes and visual design of the solution, to be able to carry out internal validation.

3. Building an internal AI Lab

Once we had the first defined use cases, we started testing with real data and for this we built an internal test laboratory that would allow us to iterate very quickly. Thanks to this concept, technicians and human resources experts were able to start testing, understanding how AI works and providing a lot of value right from the start of the project.

4. Lab tests are implemented in the product

With the validated solution and the internal tests carried out by the team, we went on to implement the solution in the final product. Thanks to this, we built a workflow with which we can implement use cases in a very agile and fast way. In just 4 weeks, we jointly applied 7 use cases and created a working methodology with which we can continue to apply AI autonomously.

Artificial Intelligence Training for the Fresh People Team

One of the most outstanding aspects of this project was the continuous training of the Fresh People team. Over the 4 months, Koanly not only implemented AI solutions, but also ensured that the internal team understood and could operate these tools autonomously in the future. This training approach, focused on applying Artificial Intelligence to human resources, talent development and corporate training, guarantees innovation and long-term success for Fresh People.

What is the relationship between Training and Human Resources?

The project together with Fresh People is very focused on talent development and closely related to the world of training. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence not only improves the operability of the product, but it also translates into better talent management and many of the challenges we face in the world of training are shared. In addition, training Fresh People's internal team in a technology such as Generative Artificial Intelligence is fully aligned with Koanly's value proposition: being your partner to apply Artificial Intelligence.


The collaboration between Fresh People and Koanly not only succeeded in implementing advanced artificial intelligence solutions, but also empowered the internal team to take on future technological challenges. If your company also wants to take a step forward in implementing cutting-edge technologies, consider Koanly, your partner for applying Artificial Intelligence. In the 4 months that the project lasted, we have achieved together:

  • Train Fresh People's internal team so they can tackle projects like this.
  • Launch of several AI-powered features in its products.
  • Creation of a work methodology for the team and a Lab in which they can test new functionalities.

And since there is nothing better than reading the evaluation of the project by the Fresh People team, here is a summary in 3 sentences of Laura León's opinion of how we have worked together:

“We're super happy with the work we're doing with Elena and Mike! It has opened our minds a lot, it's helping us to form the team and it's allowing us to give a boost to the really cool product! We recommend you wherever the opportunity arises without a doubt! ”

Is your company ready for the future? Contact us, we want to help you apply Artificial Intelligence to your company.

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