Feb 21, 2024

How Koanly's AI assistant improves the user experience in higher education

Eva Barres

Welcome to the blog of artificial intelligence by Koanly! In today's digital age, customer service and efficient query resolution are essential, and in the field of higher education, it's no exception. Koanly, aware of this need, has taken a step forward by integrating a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI), in their customer service strategy. Not only has this move significantly improved support ticket management, but it has also transformed the user experience. Keep reading and we'll tell you everything!

The evolution of user care in Koanly

Previously, managing support tickets and resolving student inquiries could be laborious and sometimes slow processes. However, with the advent of AI, Koanly's sales assistant, all of this has changed.

More than an assistant, a comprehensive solution

Koanly isn't just an AI-powered chatbot. It is a comprehensive tool designed to optimize interaction with students. With its ability to understand natural language and access a comprehensive knowledge base, Koanly can resolve a wide range of queries quickly and accurately. From questions about study programs to advice on administrative procedures, he is always available to provide immediate assistance.

Reducing tickets, increasing satisfaction

One of the highlights of implementing this type of solution is its impact on reducing support tickets. Before their arrival, students often had to wait hours, and even days, to receive answers to their questions. However, most inquiries are resolved within minutes, which has led to a notable decrease in ticket volume.

Below is an example of how Koanly responds to future students:

Strategic benefits of an AI assistant for students

The integration of an AI-powered assistant into the user service strategy has generated a series of operational and strategic benefits:

1. Improved traceability

With Koanly and its automated ticket management system, Koanly can perform a detailed monitoring of all inquiries of the students. This ensures that no request is lost and that all requests are addressed in a timely, immediate and effective manner.

2. Proactive Fault Detection

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Koanly can identify patterns in student queries and detect potential problems or areas for improvement in real time. This allows Koanly to proactively address student concerns and to continuously improve their answers.

3. Increased productivity

Automating processes through Koanly allows you to optimize your resources and free your staff to focus on tasks that bring more value to the business. As a result, productivity increases significantly in the organizations that implement it.

4. Reduction of costs and effort

Al reduce workload of staff and streamlining student care processes, Koanly has contributed to a significant reduction in organizational operating costs. In addition, students also benefit from an improved user experience and faster access to the information they need.

In short, Koanly's virtual assistant has revolutionized the way in which institutions approach user care in the field of higher education. Its ability to resolve queries quickly and accurately, together with its strategic benefits, position Koanly as an optimal tool in providing quality services and personalized attention to its students.

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