Jan 11, 2024

How Euroinnova increased the creation of online courses with Koanly by 15%

Clara Torrijos
Success stories

Euroinnova, leader in online training

In the fast-paced world of online training, Euroinnova stands out as a leader, leading the way to educational excellence.

Euroinnova International Online Education began its activity more than 20 years ago. With the premise of revolutionizing the online education sector, this training school grows with the objective of giving its students the opportunity to experience personal and professional growth with eminently practical training.

With more than two decades of experience, Euroinnova has established itself as a benchmark in online training. Their commitment to educational excellence and constant adaptation to market demands has led them to explore new technologies that improve the quality of their courses and optimize internal processes.

How Koanly helped Euroinnova

In its constant search for innovation, Euroinnova partnered with Koanly, our artificial intelligence platform designed to revolutionize the process of creating training content. The results have been extraordinary, marking a milestone in the efficiency and quality of creating content in online format.

Minimizing spelling errors:

Thanks to Koanly's ability to automatically analyze and correct spelling errors, Euroinnova has experienced a significant reduction in errors in its training content, improving the overall quality of the courses.

Improving the quality of the content:

Koanly's artificial intelligence not only corrects errors, but it also suggests improvements in the drafting and structure of the content. Euroinnova has experienced a substantial improvement in the quality of its courses, which has led to greater student satisfaction.

Increased writing pace by 15%:

Euroinnova has experienced a 15% increase in the speed of content creation since they implemented Koanly. The ability to automatically generate high-quality content has allowed Euroinnova's writers to be more productive and efficient in their work.

Once a content creation system with Artificial Intelligence has been implemented, there is no going back. The increase in productivity, the elimination of human errors and the improvement of the quality of the content make Euroinnova more competitive as an educational institution. For this reason, and once the first step has been taken, there are now many more opportunities to apply Artificial Intelligence and we will go hand in hand to achieve it together.

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