Dec 22, 2023

How to generate ideas for innovative classes with Chat GPT

Eva Barres

Welcome to Koanly Artificial Intelligence Blog! Education is fertile field for creativity and innovation, two fundamental elements that not only keep students engaged, but also promote meaningful learning. In this context, technology is presented as a great ally, and one tool that has attracted the attention of educators around the world is Chat GPT. This language model not only redefines the way we interact with information, but it also offers a unique approach to stimulating creativity in class planning.

In this post we will see How to generate ideas for innovative classes with Chat GPT and we'll discover how Koanly has the power to change your approach to generating ideas for your classes. Here we go!

Find inspiration: 3 ideas for your classes with Chat GPT

Innovation becomes essential. Chat GPT emerges as a great tool to inspire and transform your classes. Explore these three ideas for making the most of the GPT Chat capability in the classroom:

Practical example 1: Writing exercise on a topic with Chat GPT

Let's start by exploring a situation in which we require inspiration: the creation of titles for essays linked to the central topic we are addressing.

We are going to ask Chat GPT to offer us 10 suggested titles for essays associated with the issue of air pollution.

You are a biology teacher for students at the 1st level of ESO in the United States. Write 10 title ideas for essays on the topic “Air Pollution”.


Practical Example 2: Writing a Case Study with Chat GPT

If we are looking to create case studies, we only need to include those details in the request, giving instructions on how you want it to be resolved, and Chat GPT will generate the case:

You are a 2nd year ESO History teacher in Spain. Write a case study in which the contents of the topic of “the industrial revolution” are worked on. The case study must be solved in the classroom, in groups of 4 and only with internet access.


Practical example 3: ecreative strategies to gamify your topic

In certain situations, we are inclined to experiment with novel educational approaches or to engage in projects that require the use of a particular teaching methodology.

Chat GPT is presented as a valuable source of ideas, capable of generating suggestions adapted to the methodology we specify:

Imagine that you are a mathematics teacher for 1st year ESO students in Spain. It offers 3 creative strategies to gamify a lesson on “Basic Algebra” and make it attractive.


How Koanly enriches the generation of ideas for classes

Koanly is a fundamental ally, providing teachers with an arsenal of tools that transform the generation of ideas for classes in a more enriching and efficient experience. Koanly's diverse features provide substantial value when it comes to conceiving and shaping creative ideas for the classroom.

  • Amplified idea generation: Koanly stands out for its ability to enhance the generation of ideas, using advanced algorithms to convert concepts into high-quality educational content. From initial conceptualization to idea development, Koanly streamlines the creative process, freeing educators to focus on effective implementation in the classroom.
  • Intelligent synthesis and efficient summaries: Koanly's text-summarizing function becomes a valuable ally for teachers by condensing complex information into clear and concise summaries. Not only does this facilitate understanding, but it also serves as a starting point for creating simpler lessons that students learn better.
  • Extraction of key ideas: Koanly doesn't just create content; it identifies key ideas in any material, providing essential guidance for teachers and students by highlighting the fundamental concepts that need to be addressed in class. This functionality is crucial for effective educational content planning.
  • Creating custom activities: Koanly's versatility is evidenced by transforming ideas into dynamic and personalized educational activities. From simulating the experience of a private teacher to the automatic creation of adapted learning itineraries, Koanly becomes an essential tool for designing individualized and effective educational experiences.

Koanly not only does it speed up the generation of ideas for classes, but it redefines the way in which teachers conceive and apply educational content. By incorporating Koanly into lesson planning, teachers not only maximize efficiency, but they also nurture creativity and personalization in the classroom, providing a more enriching educational experience for all. Discover the transformative potential of Koanly in your teaching practice today!

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