Dec 22, 2023

How to write reports on students with the help of Chat GPT: practical tips and effective strategies

Eva Barres

Welcome to the Koanly Artificial Intelligence Blog! In the world of education, the writing student reports It is a key task that not only evaluates academic progress, but also effectively communicates the evolution and areas for improvement of each student. In this article, we are going to analyze how artificial intelligence, in particular Chat GPT, can be a good tool to optimize and streamline this process and we will also see how Koanly can help with writing reports. Let's do it!

?How can Chat GPT help with writing student reports?

Chat GPT can be a good tool in writing student reports for several reasons:

  1. Coherent and relevant text generation:Chat GPT is able to generate coherent and relevant text based on the information provided. It can help create report sections quickly and efficiently, providing detailed and structured descriptions.
  2. Time savings for teachers:By using Chat GPT, teachers can optimize their time by automatically generating standard sections of the report, allowing them to focus on more interactive aspects and personalizing feedback for each student.
  3. Focus on personalized feedback:Chat GPT's ability to handle routine writing tasks frees teachers to focus on providing more personalized and detailed feedback on each student's performance.
  4. Uniformity in drafting:Chat GPT can help maintain uniformity in report writing, avoiding significant variations in style and structure. This ensures that all reports meet established educational standards.

Importantly, human review remains essential. Teachers should review and adjust the generated text to ensure that it is accurate, appropriate, and aligns with specific educational objectives.

Practical examples of student reports with Chat GPT

In this section we are going to see concrete examples of prompts and the results that ChatGPT offers us in drafting reports.

In various situations, especially when we play the role of tutors for a group, parents can request details about their children that go beyond academics, including aspects such as personal growth and social development.

When drafting reports in these cases, it is important to mention that they stand out in the Prompt:

  • positive aspects
  • areas of development

Next, we can see it in the following example:

Example 1: iFull report


Are you a teacher of [secondary school mathematics] What is it called [Eva Barres] In the center [IES Esperanza]. You have many years of teaching experience and you write a report about the student [Daniel Fernandez] aimed at the family, highlighting positive aspects and areas of development based on the following information:

  • He is actively involved in mathematical discussions.
  • It presents gaps in fundamental algebra concepts.
  • It depends solely on classroom practice.
  • It is easily distracted during problem solving.
  • He attributes his errors to other factors.
  • Doesn't follow instructions on tests.
  • It can distract other students during evaluations.
  • Submit tasks after the deadline.
  • You need step-by-step guidance on complex problems.
  • He doesn't pay attention during detailed explanations.

As we can see, the prompt mentions several fundamental aspects that are necessary for Chat GPT to provide a correct answer:

  • Teacher's specialty
  • Experience
  • Writing a report for the family
  • Content of the report: positive aspects and areas of student development

Once all the data has been collected at the prompt, Chat GPT generates the following response:

Example 2: Academic Aspects Report

In this second case, families can ask for specific information about their children's academic progress, such as academic aspects, personal and social maturity. Consequently, we can select the phrases that describe it and incorporate them into the prompt, as we see in the following example:


Are you a teacher of [technology in Spain] What is it called [Eva Barres] In the center [IES Esperanza]. You have many years of teaching experience and you write a report about the student [Daniel Fernandez] aimed at the family, highlighting positive aspects and areas of development based on the following information:

  • Demonstrates advanced skills in the use of design software.
  • He has difficulty working as a team on technological projects.
  • Take part in technology-related competitions.
  • You need to improve time management on large projects.
  • Show interest in learning new programming languages.
  • She actively collaborates in extracurricular robotics activities.

Once the prompt has been written with all the necessary data, Chat GPT will generate the following response:

How can Koanly help with writing student reports?

Koanly, being an AI-based tool with capabilities to generate texts, summarize, extract main ideas, create outlines, simplify concepts and develop learning resources, can be of great help in writing student reports in a variety of ways:

  1. Generating detailed information: Koanly can create detailed sections of the report by providing specific descriptions of students' academic performance, personal and social development.
  2. Summary of key aspects: can efficiently summarize the most relevant aspects, highlighting the achievements and areas for improvement of each student.
  3. Creating structured schemas: facilitates the development of structured schemes to organize information in a clear and coherent manner in the report.
  4. Simplification of concepts: helps to simplify complex concepts, making information more understandable for parents and families.
  5. Creating learning resources: Koanly can help generate additional resources, such as recommendations for academic development and suggestions for strengthening specific skills.
  6. Optimizing teacher time: by automating the drafting of certain sections of the report, it allows teachers to optimize their time and focus on more interactive and personalized aspects.
  7. Uniformity in Drafting: helps to maintain uniformity in the style and structure of reports, ensuring consistency in the presentation of information.

By taking advantage of these capabilities, Koanly offers a valuable tool to facilitate the process of writing student reports, improving efficiency and allowing for more effective communication between teachers and families.

Now that you have a base to start generating student reports and you've seen what it can offer Koanly in this area, explore how you can improve your training and educational experience through our tool. Come and join the AI revolution!

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